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Co-Branding Program Partnership: Thrive & Excel

At Digi2L, we believe in fostering strong alliances with brands to provide exceptional benefits to our customers. Through our Program Partnership, brands can join hands with us to offer exclusive vouchers and launch new products, expanding their reach and promoting their brand to a wider audience. By partnering with Digi2L, brands can unlock numerous advantages, get hot/cold leads data and create a lasting impact in the market.

Boost Your D2C Marketplace

Seize the opportunity to sell new appliances directly to customers who are in the market for selling their old appliances. Promote your D2C marketplace and connect with a highly targeted audience, maximizing your sales potential.

Seamless Collaboration: Amplify Your Brand

Through our Program Partnership, we have alliances with renowned brands like MyGate to offer enhanced services and convenience. MyGate enables customers to sell old appliances through their app, effortlessly obtaining the best price. Simply register online for the best price and free pickup from home.

Product Launch: Unleash Your Brand's Potential

By teaming up with Digi2L, brands can introduce their offers through vouchers distributed to our vast customer base. This strategic collaboration ensures widespread promotion and enables brands to reach a large audience, maximizing their product's visibility and potential.

Empower Employees: Simplify Appliance Sales

Under the D to C model, customers can conveniently sell their old appliances by visiting the provided link and registering directly on our website. This streamlined process eliminates the need for intermediaries and allows customers to seamlessly complete the selling transaction with ease and efficiency. Allow your employees the comfort of selling by implementing a feature on your HRMS system.

Voucher Delights
Elevate Customer Experiences

As part of our Program Partnership, brands have the opportunity to provide their
customers with exciting voucher benefits.

Join for growth & success. Create a seamless experience that rewards customers & promotes your brand.

Join for growth & success. Create a seamless experience that rewards customers & promotes your brand.

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