Daikin Exchange Terms & Conditions


Digi2l  Is the Registered Trade Mark of UTC DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD

Customer Exchange Agreement

This exchange program is applicable for the purchase of New Daikin AC from its authorized dealers against OLD AC ( WAC / SRAC). The exchange program between the customer and Digi2L and Daikin has no role. Any purchases made under Daikin’s Exchange Offer will be subject to the following terms and conditions:

Old AC New AC Customer Price
Split Split 6000
Window Window 3500
Window Split 4800

The exchange offer (“Offer”) shall be valid only up to the validity period as stated in Daikin’s communication from time to time.
By agreeing to avail of the benefits under the Offer, you hereby represent, warrant, and
covenant that:

  1. You are the sole, absolute, and lawful owner of the AC being returned (“Used AC”) and you confirm that the Used AC was exclusively for personal use, and not for business or commercial
  2. By accepting the price quote, you have also accepted and confirmed that the value of the Used AC will be provided to you in the form of Daikin’s Voucher or Online Cash issued by UTC Digital Technologies Pvt Ltd., which is redeemable only against the purchase of any Daikin’s products.
    Please note that in the case of the redemption of such Daikin’s Vouchers issued to you at Daikin’s authorized dealer stores will be applied during checkout of the purchase transaction for you to avail of the benefit of the Offer.
  3. The Used AC should be available with all components- compressor, coils, Condenser, Fan etc and wherever applicable, under the Offer is genuine and is not counterfeit, free from any and all encumbrances, liens, attachments, disputes, legal flaws, exchanges or any agreement of sale etc.
  4. You will receive the Green Exchange Certificate (Green Pact Certificate)for the given exchange only after the exchange is processed and received by Digi2L. The Green Exchange A certificate is provided to you for the Sustainable and Environment-friendly recycling of E-waste with the government-certified E-Waste recycler.

You further confirm that:

  1. At the time of pick-up, the Used AC should already be kept uninstalled.
  2. You agree to indemnify and keep indemnified UTC and its affiliates, applicable service providers, the buyback partner, and any future purchaser of the Used AC against all or any third-party claims, demand, cost, and expenses including attorney fees that may be suffered, incurred, undergone, and/or sustained by UTC, its affiliates, applicable service providers, the buyback partner, or any future purchaser due to the usage of the Used AC by you.
  3. You are not returning a different product or anything other than AC or the wrong type of AC (Split/Window).
  4. You understand that Used AC pickup will happen post the new product delivery and installation, and you shall keep the Used AC ready and uninstalled for exchange. In the event you refuse to provide the Used AC or if it is determined at the time of pick-up that the Used AC is different or the Used AC cannot be uninstalled by the pick-up associate, where applicable, you agree that the transaction and the Offer availed by you may be canceled, or if you wish, converted to regular order as per the process set out.
  5. In the event, you decide not to proceed with the exchange transaction and retain the Used AC, or if the Used AC is different or cannot be uninstalled by the delivery associate, you may request UTC to convert the transaction to a regular order.
  6. You hereby give your consent that the personal information that you have provided in connection with this Offer might be processed, transferred, and retained by UTC in managing and administration of the Offer.
  7. You understand that once the Used AC is sent for exchange under the Offer, under no circumstance can the Used AC be returned back to you. In the event, you return the new AC purchased under the Offer. In the event you return the new AC purchased under the Offer, the used AC will not be returned to you.
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