Discarding old appliances can be a bigger task than buying a new one

By Digi2L - January 25, 2023

Blogs> Discarding old appliances can be a bigger task than buying a new one

Discarding old appliances can be a bigger task than buying a new one


When selling old appliances, traditional options like local shops or personal networks may not offer the best prices or convenience. Digi2L provides a revolutionary solution, offering a video call quality check, fair pricing based on condition, free doorstep pickup, and instant payment from home. This digital platform streamlines the process with just a few clicks, accommodating various appliances. As India’s first digital platform for selling used appliances, Digi2L boasts satisfied customers who appreciate its efficiency. By eliminating traditional hassles, it offers a quick and easy way to sell appliances from anywhere. Old appliances often lead to recurrent repairs and internal damages, necessitating timely upgrades. Digi2L addresses this by allowing sellers to set their desired price and ensuring a hassle-free pickup process. With advanced technology and a user-friendly interface, Digi2L presents a competitive alternative to other platforms, providing a promising solution for selling old appliances in the digital age.

What are the options, when selling old appliance

When you want to sell your old appliance, the first thought would be who is going to buy it and at what price, you will not be able to decide or negotiate the perfect price for your product. One goes around looking at local shops to sell their products with sellers not wanting to bid a fair price for it.

Another option would be asking your near and dear ones if they want to buy it or if anyone they know would like to buy. This consumes a lot of time and looking for proper transportation to dispose of used appliances is another challenge.


Living the dream! Selling old appliances with just one click     


What if you get a video call quality check of your old appliance and giving you a best price according to the condition of your appliance also you get a free doorstep pickup and instant payment all this at the comfort of your home. Digi2L turns your dreams into reality, with all the above-mentioned features. It is the first digital platform which helps you sell a used television, old washing machine, AC and fridge with just a few clicks. The whole process hardly takes time.


You are just one click away 


Digi2L is India’s first digital platform to sell used appliances. It also has many happy customers who have experienced the service and look forward to future business and have also referred to their friends and family. You can sell used electronic appliances from anywhere and everywhere without having to worry about anything, as the process is easy and quick.


The same Old appliance story


Old appliances tend to give you new trouble every passing day. Sometimes the old appliances need repair every time and cause new internal damages with time. If you upgrade your appliance on time it helps you enjoy the benefits of new technology and at the same time get rid of unnecessary expenses. When looking for new washing machine or other electronic home appliances you get to choose the product of your choice and the price you wish to spend, but when you want to sell the old one there is a whole different story. Here is when Digi2L comes in action, you can choose at what price you want to sell your product and the best price will be given to you depending on the condition of the used appliance. You can ensure a hassle-free experience and can also vouch for a safe pickup.


Digi2L is a blooming platform and possesses advanced technology with an easy process of selling old appliances. It is definitely a great competition to the other websites and app’s providing similar services.

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