Is Selling Old Appliances a Challenge?

By Digi2L - January 6, 2023

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Is Selling Old Appliances a Challenge?

    Effectively managing old appliances requires understanding their issues, adhering to upgrade timelines, and implementing strategic selling approaches. While traditional durability is recognized, the benefits of upgrading to newer, technologically advanced models are significant. Platforms like Digi2L streamline the selling process, ensuring convenience and maximizing returns. Ultimately, proactive appliance management ensures optimal functionality and efficiency in the modern household.

Why one must not keep old appliances for long? Also when is a good time to get rid of your old appliances? How can I benefit from selling my old appliance after a few years of usage?

Our ancestors had a saying “old is gold”. Let’s take the example of mud/clay pots, which could be used for a longer time and would be in a good usable condition even after years, but if we compare them with water purifiers they would not be in the same condition after some years of usage. Water purifiers would require cleansing or repair on a timely basis. As technology is advancing older models of products need to be replaced or repaired.
As we know, outdated electrical appliances lack behind on technology. Over time they start causing a lot of problems. The need to upgrade and sell your old appliance has become a necessity, as the new models are continuously modified for smooth working and to avoid any mishap.

Used home appliances like an old washing machine, old television, or your old refrigerator if sold after a particular time would help you get the most out of it. For example, if you bought a television for 35,000 and you upgrade to a new smart television within 3 years there are websites that give you the best price which can be up to 40% i.e. 14,000 but other online sites will give you a low bid. For the same product after 6 years period, the value of old appliances decreases with time, which can be as low as 2,500. So we can now say, old is better sold than storing it like gold.

What are the major issues old appliances cause?

Washing Machine: Once the washing machine is years older there are many issues or problems with the machine which arise. Some of these are water leakage, excessive vibration, drum-making noise, spin not working, the gearbox failing, and the washer being clogged. The life span of the washing machine is 5-7 years.

Television: Old televisions give out a lot of radiation and are better upgraded with smart new appliances on time. The major issues are, speaker noise starting to crack, video not matching audio, patches on the screen, vertical stroke horizontal lines on the screen, Pixel issues, Crack on the panel, and circuit board issues. You can upgrade your television within 3-5 years if you want to upgrade to newer models.

Refrigerator: There are higher chances of short circuit in refrigerators. Major issues which can also occur are temperature problems, blocked vents, control panel issues, compressor issues, noise issues, water leakage, and defrost issues. The lifespan can be up to 6-15 years.

Air- conditioner: Major problems in air-conditioners are temperature problems, control panel issues, compressor issues, noise issues, drainage issues, and sensor issues. Life span can be of 8-15 years.

Now the question is who buys old appliances? Where to sell old appliances? Which is the best website to sell old appliances?

There are many online platforms one of which is, Digi2L it is the best platform to sell old appliances and you get the best return price. It is India’s first platform that will help you sell old washing machines or sell old T.V. through video call at your convenience. It is the first digital platform for used appliance resellers. You need not go looking for a buyer or transport. Sell your old appliances hassle-free with just a few clicks. You get a free quality check done by experts and payment is made instantly after pickup.

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