Understanding Side by Side Refrigerators, Assets to food entrepreneurs and big families

By Digi2L - February 13, 2024

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Understanding Side by Side Refrigerators, Assets to food entrepreneurs and big families


The global food industry thrives on diverse cuisines and culinary experiments, necessitating efficient food storage solutions. Large side-by-side refrigerators play a crucial role in meeting this demand, offering ample storage capacity with style and functionality. Digi2l presents three personalities of smart technology side-by-side refrigerators, ranging from 350 liters to over 840 liters in storage capacity: French Door: These refrigerators feature stylish designs with three to four doors, catering to the needs of large families, restaurants, and hotels. Notable features include the FlexZone drawer for customizable temperature settings and smart functionalities such as Wi-Fi connectivity. The French Door refrigerator is lauded for its spaciousness, stylish design, and convenient ice-maker. Instaview Door: With a large Instaview screen on one of its doors, these refrigerators allow users to view the contents by simply knocking twice on the glass. Offering remote temperature control and proactive customer care, Instaview refrigerators provide convenience and peace of mind. The craft ice maker produces ice balls and stores them in the included ice bin, making it a must-have for those who value comfort. Water Dispenser: Equipped with water dispensing capabilities, these refrigerators offer additional features like the Curd Master for hassle-free curd making and an all-round cooling system for maintaining food freshness. Digital inverter technology ensures energy efficiency and long-lasting performance, while accelerated cooling and odor elimination enhance user experience. Proper positioning and maintenance guarantee prolonged usage of these spacious appliances, making them indispensable for businesses and large families. So, thus,  Smart technology side-by-side refrigerators not only provide ample storage but also offer advanced features for convenience, energy efficiency, and longevity. Serving as assets for businesses and households alike, these refrigerators contribute to a comfortable and sustainable lifestyle while meeting the diverse needs of modern consumers.

The global economy is massively impacted by food businesses and the diverse cuisine cultures across the world. This leads to not only the production of varied food products, fruit, and vegetables but also the large-scale import and export of the same. There is no dearth of families of food lovers and multi-cuisine experimenters all over the planet. The tickling taste buds spiced with nutritional benefits generate multi-recipe demand from the pleased chefs across eateries, restaurants, bakeries, hotels, and the like. What if the lady of a house cooks lip-smacking delicacies and worships the stove fire each day to please her bundles of joy?! Only large Side-by-side refrigerators are good enough to cater to the demands of larger food and beverage storage capacities and that too with a dash of class and style!

Digi2l introduces you to the diverse 3 personalities of smart technology side-by-side refrigerators which fall into the storage capacity range of between 350 ltrs to more than 840 ltrs:

  • French Door: These stylish refrigerators have three to four doors and add an aesthetic appeal to your house. Though like other types of refrigerators, they come in appealing shades of colors but have a significantly massive amount of food and beverage capacity of 20-29 cubic feet. These spacious refrigerators are designed to accommodate a variety of making them ideal for not only modern large family kitchens but also restaurants and hotels. The noteworthy features of the French door side-by-side refrigerators are :


  • FlexZone DrawerThe refrigerator includes a FlexZone drawer with five controllable temperature settings. This versatile drawer allows you to store different types of items at their optimal temperatures.
  • Smart Features: The refrigerator is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity and other smart functionalities.


Customers appreciate its stylish design, large capacity and it’s convenient ice-maker.


2) Instaview Door: These kind of side by side refrigerators have a large instaview screen on one of their 3-4 doors, which let you see inside the fridge by simply knocking twice on the glass. You can control the fridge’s temperature, as you like through a thin application. You can even remotely monitor the fridge and receive useful alerts when it’s time to replace the water filter or when the fridge gets left open by mistake. The noteworthy features of the instaview side by side refrigerators are :


  • proactive customer care : Models of instaview refrigerators come with proactive customer care, which is a feature that helps prevent problems with your refrigerator beforehand by preaccessing specific usage conditions.
  • Craft ice maker : This fridge comes with a craft ice maker, which makes three to six ice balls per day and can store upto 25 in the included ice bin.


This spacious refrigerator is a must have for all those who believe in a comfortable lifestyle


Water Dispensor : Another masterpiece from the category of side by side refrigerators, which is a product of smart technology, charming and energy saving is a side by side fridge marked with water dispensor facility. Some fridges with water dispensor facility, along with the flow of water pour out ice as per the user requirement from the dispensor. These refrigerators are equipped with deodorizing filter just like other smart side by side refrigerators. The noteworthy features of the water dispensor side by side refrigerators are :

  • Curd master : You can make flavourful fresh curd with the curd master feature and preserve it too. This feature eliminates all the hassle of curd making and in all weather condition, with utmost convenience. The consistency of the curd will remain the same, every time you make.
  • All round cooling system : The all round cooling system continues to check the temperature, so that the food remains constantly fresh for longer durations.


The digital inverter technology in all the types of side by side refrigerators enable the compressor to automatically adjust it’s speed in response to the demand for cooling. This way the compressor is both quiet and energy efficient using upto 50% lesser power and is claimed to work for utmost 21 years, along with additional compressor warranty. Now businesses and families can enjoy greater energy efficiency and long lasting performance.

Accelerated cooling and freezing as per the user demand at one touch of a button, odor eliminator facilities include in the usps of these refrigerators. By positioning these refrigerators away from direct sunlight, stoves and other heat sources, regular cleaning and proper maintenance you can be assured to enjoy their usage for a prolonged time period. Hence, needless to say these spacious home appliances in the form of these refrigerators are assets for businesses and large families

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