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Is there a new market emerging in the sale of used appliances and electronic gadgets?

By CXO Today - March 25, 2023

Today we live in an era of rapid transformation. Technology has become an integral part of our existence and is driving speedy change in our Lives. […]

Digi2L Brings Smart Assured Buyback for Large Home Appliances for the First Time in India

By APN News - March 22, 2023

Digi2L, India’s first consumer tech startup that offers Instant Trade-In and Exchange services for Large Appliances across Retail stores and eCommerce sites has launched Assured Buyback […]

Digi2L stands committed to the E-Waste rules of India.Co-Founder, Alok Mathur, DIGI2L

By CXO Today - March 22, 2023

Technology is at the Core of the Digi2L system. It’s our unique consumer tech that connects all the stakeholders together on One platform to offer a […]

Freedom To Be Happy – Feat. Tarun Bhardwaj

By Spotify - March 22, 2023

Our Co-founder of Digi2L , Tarun Bhardwaj shared his views on #FreedomToBeHappy podcast by Sukriti Vadhera Kohli from Happyness.me

Is re-commerce the new commerce?

By Times Of India - March 22, 2023

The term “Re-commerce” comes from “reverse commerce,” which essentially means selling previously owned goods. The resale or second-hand business model isn’t anything new, but it has […]

Pre-Budget Quote II Poker High,

By Industry Outreach Magazine - February 7, 2023

The tax on refurbished goods should be removed. Customers already pay taxes when they are purchasing a new product…

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